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May's WHAHzoolean - Angelo Albanese

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Please join me in congratulating Angelo Albanese for being selected

May's WHAHzoolean. Angelo has been with the WHAH family at the

LVVC location since June of 2016.   Angelo did take a break in employment

but even when he wasn’t on the weekly schedule whenever LVVC needed

help he was always there to fill in those needed shifts. When COVID-19 hit

Angelo kept LVVC up and running being a one man show filling the shoes

of receptionists, tech, repair man, IT guy and so on….. We are fortunate to

have Angelo as part of the family and we thank him for all he does. Caring

and working hard all with a smile to keep LVVC practicing and offering the

best care possible.

Congratulations Angelo on being selected as May's WHAHzoolean!!

Last Updated on Monday, 11 May 2020 13:35

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